The car is locked and the keys are inside? You should not open the car yourself! And here's why

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Today, not only professional car thieves “bomb” the cars, but also a considerable number of amateur thieves. They don’t always manage to crack the car doors, but to break the locks – easily. There are cases, when the complex protection systems provoke you to leave your car for a short while, carelessly leaving the key in the ignition and slamming the door. Sometimes, as bad luck, the car keys are lost, sometimes stolen from the pocket. Another reason for the impossibility to get into the car is the sudden operation of the central lock. The discharged battery does not allow you to open the car with remote control. In such situations, which are not at all uncommon, it becomes a problem to open your own car. Thus, the emergency opening of the car from time to time becomes necessary for almost every owner of a vehicle.

Is there a decent way out of the unpleasant situation? Let us not give in to panic. Calm down: your trouble is not a trouble yet! And do not scold the manufacturer, it is not his fault. After all, the choice of the brand and company of the car is your choice, and the trouble that happened to you happened to many people and will happen many times. Take the problem calmly.

It is better to ask yourself if you are a great auto mechanic. Most likely you are not. So do not try to open the door quickly. A screwdriver in unskilled hands will cause several times more damage than the cost of an emergency call of an experienced master from a good service center. You will save your nerves and avoid long downtime of your horse in the stable of a car service.

And do not forget that if you try to break into your car, you do not differ from the thieves. And vigilant pensioners in their area immediately suspected you a crook and report the local precinct. Then you will have to explain to the police station that it is your car, and the documents and keys are inside.

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